Child Psychology and Counseling Course

1.Basic understanding of child psychology
2.Nature of psychology and behaviour personality
3.Parenting style &Communication
5.Learning and memory

6.Intelligence iq sq Eq in detail multiple
7.Basic counseling concepts
8.Therapies used for children
10. Tests

Manovedh Counselling center provides best Child Psychology Counseling Courses in pune with professional counselor who has wast experience in counselling area.
Child Psychology and Counseling Course pune

Course Name : Child Psychology & Counseling Course
Duration – 1 month learning and 10 days  Last day online 1 hr exam paper
Teaching mode – Google meet. Weekly 2 days afternoon and evening batch
( Flexible date and time as per necessity)
Starting date -6th July Thursday
Time- 4 pm to 5 pm
Fee- Rs. 5000/- ( one installment only).

Contact us for more Information – 8796179000